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Client Testimonials
Each client has given their permission for testimonial to be used

  1. I am so glad I found Fiona..... it’s been so helpful having someone to share my worries with and I always go away with a clearer head and feel more able to tackle some of my problems. Fiona let’s me go at my own pace and I never feel rushed. I’ve been given a fantastic, caring and professional service. Thank-you!
  2. Fiona helped me put issues into perspective...she explained a lot about the science of the brain which helped me understand why I was feeling so horrible...Please continue this brilliant work, it literally saves lives and inspires happiness.
  3. I now feel like a new person. From week to week it has been hard but together we worked as a team, I feel I am able to cope with life. I was anxious before, coming through this journey I don’t feel alone anymore. From the moment I walked in there was no judgement and I was accepted. I did feel safe.
  4. I just want to thank Fiona for all your help. I have benefitted so much from the counselling. I feel much stronger in being able to deal with day to day issues. Thank-you.
  5. It took us a while to pluck up courage to seek profesional help for our son. Fiona has been wonderful she is kind, gentle, compassionate and caring. She has given him the courage and confidence to tackle his issues, right from the very first coule of sessions. We couldn't be more delighted and our son has found coping techniques and methods that work for him.
  6. I was really nervous about my first session but I am so glad I went as Fiona has helped me so much in so many ways! Thank-you.
  7. After being in rehabilitation for 6 weeks. I came for support for my onward recovery. I straight away felt very safe and comfortable in the sessions. ...I have found talking to someone about my issues and finding positive ways to deal with situations and thoughts very helpful. It is nice to know you have support when needed.
  8. I am so grateful for the work that Fiona has done to help me with my anxiety issues, not only currently but to help me in the future also. Understanding where my anxiety develops and why has helped me overcome it considerably.

When we create good habits we can learn to flourish and become the person we always knew was there...changing how you think is the beginning to your new way of being...
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